Upcoming Events

Minnesota Fan Fusion takes place August 3-5, 2018 at the Saint Paul Rivercentre

Upcoming Events

Vegas Fan Fusion takes place September 28-30, 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Upcoming Events

Phoenix Fan Fusion takes place May 23-26, 2019 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Firebird Pix

Firebird Pix provides a photo experience for fans to meet their favorite celebrity guests.  Our goal is to make sure you have a great time working with our staff and guests as we experience the photo with you.

Digital & Prints

Firebird Pix allows you to download digital copies of your photo op experience. For an additional cost, you are also able to purchase a printed 8×10.

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Follow us on Facebook at @firebirdpix and our Twitter with @firebirdpix. Keep up to date on our latest events.


These guys are just great at what they do. They know how to take care of us and give the guests the best photos out there!

Jason David Frank

Actor / Guest

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